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We apply AI models to your organization’s claims data to improve decision-making without disrupting existing processes.

Why Build AI With Us

AI should work for you. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

More than


Paid claims analyzed

More than


Patient events analyzed in 2018

Our artificial intelligence platform is designed specifically for health insurance claims data.

Artificial Intelligence

Applied to your established processes.

Contract negotiations

Develop data-driven insights to strengthen contract negotiations.

Audit and investigation

Send higher value claims issues to audit by optimizing business rule filters and detecting anomalous claims.

Policy Design

Design higher impact coverage and prior authorization policies with advanced population-level models.

Drug management

Customize prescription utilization based on previous trends and predicted outcomes.

Risk Adjustment

Manage risk more proactively by accuratly predicting future events for high risk patients.

Population health analysis

Identify precise population-wide trends in disease management, patient outcomes, and successful interventions.

Precise predictions for decision-makers built on millions of patient years in data.

Our AI models in audit and investigation have the potential to increase both the precision of traditional systems by greater than 35% and the expected value per audit by greater than 13%.

Similarly, our risk adjustment models have an average of 25% improvement over current practices when identifying missing member information, incorrectly scored member risk, and disease group identification. Our models on average identify an average potential savings of $14 million per 1 million covered members. 


potential performance improvement over traditional detection systems.

In potential savings per 1 million covered lives.

How It Works


1. Identify Organization’s Pain Points

Target biggest problem areas for clients (e.g. cancer, specialty drugs, opioids, dialysis, etc.).

2. Locate Minimal Viable Dataset For Your Organization

Use most convenient data transfer option for your analytics team, requiring little to no bandwidth commitment.

3. Analyze data

Build advanced models and develop them into long-term assets for your company.

4. Store Model in Our Secure Locker

Commoditize models in our secure locker – they are ready to use and yours to keep!

5. Capture Value from Models

Collaborate with stakeholders to put the models to use and capture real savings.

6. Track Results

Track financial and clinical outcomes, continuously improve models.

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